GOOD ART LIMITED is a designer and manufacturer of Infant & Preschool, Musical and Pretended Toys since 2007.

The company is dedicated to develop and manufacture good and artistic toys that basically provide happiness to the children.

We believe that from the happy play, the children can instinctively, naturally develop some basic skills and cognitive abilities like eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills, color recognition, languages, musical senses, thinking and learning initiative…etc. Children grow well with some good toys accompanied.


We presently operate manufacturing plants located in the Zhongshan, China and Thanh Hoa, Vietnam.

Our facilities cover a total area of approx. 800,000 sq. feet and employ 3800 workers. We have close partners of Inventors, Solution Houses and Programmers in support our high-efficient product development.


Creative Design has been a hallmark of the company since it began.

Our goal is to generate tides with trendy and avant-garde Toys that accompany with the children in their most important growing stage. We hope they will still remember our Toys in their adult ages.

Good Art Ltd